National Care Records


The NHS in England introducted the NHS Care Records Service to improve the way we care for patients. Every patient will have an NHS Care Record that is made up of two parts: the Summary Care Record & Detailed Records. These electronic records are supported by the practice as they are helping to derliver better safer care for patients.

Your Summary Care Record ( SCR)  will be available to health care staff providing you with NHS care anywhere in England. At first, it will contain key health information such as details of all allergies, current  prescriptions and bad reactions to medicines. After that, each time you use any NHS health services details about any current health problems , summaries of your care and the professional treating you may be added to your SCR.  Your SCR will be of most benefit if you need health care in an emergency or if you are away from home in England and need treatment. In order for staff to look at your SCR they must ask you for your permission. lf the healthcare worker treating you is not able to ask for your permission ( if for example you were unconscious or unable to answer questions) they can access your record in your best interests.

lf you are the parent or guardian of a child under 16 then you should make this information available to them if you feel they are old enough to understand.

It is intended that Summary Care Records will be phased in for patients over the next year but a letter is being sent to all patients now to inform you and explain that you have choices.

The practice believes that the Summary Care Records will improve the quality and safety of your care, however; if you do not want to have a Summary Care Record please contact the NHS Care Records Line on 0845 603 8510 or visit and complete an opt out form. lf we do not hear from you by 4th June 2010 a Summary Care Record will be created.

If you have further questions contact NHS Care Records Line on 08455 03 8510,or visit Warrington CCG's Website


**On 20th March 2020 under Regulation 3(4) of the Health Service Control of Patient Information Regulations 2002 changes were made in regards to confidential patient information to be shared in the exceptional circumstances due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  These changes will remain in force during the period of the COVID-19 emergency period as set out in the Notice (unless extended or reduced) at which point systems will return to their current state unless alternative arrangements have been put in place before then**

Further information about this can be found at the link below