We are replacing eConsult with a new system called PATCHS

Birchwood Medical Centre is shortly going to be changing our online consultation system from eConsult to a system called PATCHS.

This change will be taking effect from Monday 4th September 2023. 

This means that from this date the eConsult links will be removed from our website and you will no longer be able to submit a request to us this way and instead all online requests must be sent through PATCHS which will appear on our website in a similar way.

To use PATCHS you must have an account so we are advising all patients to register to use PATCHS before this date to make the process a lot smoother when the change happens. You can register for a PATCHS account here: https://patchs.ai/practice/birchwoodmedicalcentre/register

Please be aware that we can only accept requests through PATCHS from the 4th September 2023 onwards so please don’t try to submit a request before this date.

You can find a video on how PATCHS works here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvqtjUWhDRw&t=56s 

Birchwood Medical Centre has been established since 1976 and serves the communities of Birchwood (Oakwood, Locking Stumps & Gorse Covert) as well as Croft and Culcheth to the north together with Longbarn and Cinnamon Brow to the east. Our current list size is 11,211.

We operate from a large purpose built premises near to the shopping centre in Birchwood.

We offer full general medical practice services and additional and enhanced services from our team.

At Birchwood Medical Centre, we aim to treat all our patients promptly, courteously and in complete confidence. We feel it is important you know who you are speaking to, so our practice staff will identify themselves on the telephone.