Diabetes Resources

Diabetes Information Patient Information Leaflets

Our Nurse Clinician and our Practice Nurses have lots of helpful advice and information sheets for patients with diabetes.

Please use the links below to access each of the information sheets.


What is Pre-Diabetes?

Advice on Pre-Diabetes

Ketone Testing in Type 2 Diabetes

Sick Day Rules for patients with Diabetes

Driving Guidance for Diabetics



Driving with Diabetes - If You Use Insulin

The DVLA have strict guidelines on what to do if you are diagnosed with diabetes and need insulin as part of your treatment.

You need to tell the DVLA if

  • your insulin treatment lasts (or will last) over 3 months
  • you had gestational diabetes (diabetes associated with pregnancy) and your insulin treatment lasts over 3 months after the birth
  • you get disabling hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) - or a medical professional has told you that you’re at risk of developing it

If you click on the picture to the left you can download the DVLA leaflet with full information about driving with diabetes if you are on insulin treatment.

Special guidelines and rules apply to patients who have a Group 2 (lorry, coach or bus licence)

Driving with Diabetes - With Non-Insulin Treatments, Diet or Both

You may still need to inform the DVLA if you are on some of the other diabetic medications, but not all of them.

The practice nurse will be able to advise you in detail about your medication and driving at your annual diabetes review.

A leafet from the DVLA about diabetes that is treated with non-insulin medication, diet or both can be downloaded by clicking the picture to the left.

Special guidelines and rules apply to patients who have a Group 2 (lorry, coach or bus licence)

National Diabetes Audit

This Practice is taking part in an important national project about diabetes care and treatment in the NHS.  The project is called the National Diabetes Audit (NDA).

To take part your GP practice will share information about your diabetes care and treatment with the NDA.  The type of information and how it is shared is controlled by law and enforced by strict rules of confidentiality and security.  Taking part in the NDA shows that this GP practice is committed to improving care for people with diabetes.

If you do not want your information to be used please inform the receptionist, your GP or nurse.  This will not affect your care.